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Nitrogen Gas Plant

Nitrogen Gas Plants

DCPL is trusted brand name in the industry for offering premium quality nitrogen gas plant which are used for generating nitrogen for application in wide variety of industries. Being a reputed nitrogen gas plants manufacturer, we use the latest advanced technology in the fabricating and manufacturing of nitrogen gas plants. Advanced technology used in the making our nitrogen gas manufacturing plants is imported from the leading industrial gas plant manufacturing companies.  Our company offers premium quality low pressure pure nitrogen plants of all sizes ranging from 20m3/hour to 500m3/hour. We also manufacture cryogenic tonnage gas plants, oxygen/nitrogen/acetylene plants and air separation plants.

Our nitrogen gas plants are known for delivering seamless performance. Apart from the superior technology, we use solid designing in the making of our nitrogen plant machinery. Our machinery is trusted for durability and reliability. Moreover, our machinery is noted for low power consumption and low maintenance cost.  Best quality raw materials are used in the making of the liquid nitrogen plants. Our plant machinery generates nitrogen with purity up to 99.99%.  Our nitrogen gas plants are competitively priced and at par with the best in the market in terms quality, performance and durability. We are also known for offering the best after sales service in the gas industry.

We have got a excellent team of engineers that that over the entire process from erection, commissioning to installation at the client’s site.   Since our establishment in 1985, we have sold more than 300 nitrogen gas plants to our customers in more than 340 countries across the globe including Nigeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, South Africa, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, etc. As a customer-conscious company, the entire focus of our business is to ensure that the customers are satisfied with quality of our products. For enforcing strict quality control measures, we have been given ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certifications.


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