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Acetylene Gas Plants

Acetylene Gas Plants

Delhi Cryogenic Products Pvt. Ltd.  is a proven   acetylene plant manufacturer in fabricating and supplying of acetylene gas plants. Our plant is manufactured in technical collaboration with an internationally renowned Italian company. Best raw materials are used in the fabricating of acetylene gas plants. Acetylene is a colorless and highly flammable gas and has garlic-like odor.  Acetylene gas is generated by the chemical reactions between calcium carbide and water. The reaction produces a great deal of heat, which has to be moderated to stop the acetylene gas from exploding.  Our acetylene gas plants come in different capacities and sizes ranging from 25m3/hour to 100 m3/hour. Designs used in the fabricating of the acetylene machinery are made by the Italian company and are exported throughout the world.

We use the most advanced technology, sturdy designs and are equipped with the latest features.  Our acetylene gas plants are fully automated and can easily be handled by a single person. The operator does not need t technically qualified.  Because being fabricated with stainless steel, our acetylene gas generators are durable, reliable and explosion-free.  Components used in the fabricating of our plant machinery are sourced only from the approved vendors.  We supply and export acetylene plants designed and manufactured using the latest technology. Fabricating of our plant machinery is carried out in compliance with international standards and specifications.

For strict compliance with quality control measures, all the leading international quality assurance organizations have certified and endorsed our products. We have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and CE certifications.  Since our establishment, we sold over 300 gas plants to clients in over 40 countries all over the globe including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Sudan, South Africa, UAE, Oman, Colombia, Mexico, Iraq, Algeria, Venezuela, etc. Our company is trusted for offering trusted after sales service and our engineers are involved with the entire process from erection, commissioning to the installation at the client’s site.


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