Use of nitrogen in food packaging industry

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The actual food product you are creating is only half the battle; you also have to package it in an attractive and effective way. The purpose of food packaging goes far beyond making your product look good: It is responsible for keeping it fresh and minimizing damage in shipping and storage. That’s why most food packaging companies turn to nitrogen gas. Here is a closer look at why brands use nitrogen gas in food packaging, as well as the main reasons to invest in on site nitrogen gas. The gas is used in the food packaging to displace oxygen and replace it within the packaging.  Nitrogen gas is beneficial to use in industries engaged in food packaging.

Benefits of nitrogen in food packaging

There are numerous benefits of using nitrogen in filling cans, bottles and boxes which are enumerated below:

Increases product’s shelf life

One can increase the shelf life of a food product by filling the packaging with nitrogen, which displaces oxygen, essential for survival of bacteria. In the absence of oxygen, it is not possible for mold and mildew to form on your product.

Preserving quality of food items

Food items are susceptible to being ruined by moisture. Filling the vacant space with nitrogen, one can ensure that there is no way for moisture to enter the packaging. Your product will be able to protect its quality.

Ensures safety of product

It is likely that product might get broken in case you leave no buffer between the food and other items it comes into contact with during shipping and storage. But you can fill the entire container with nitrogen so that the product remains safe from any potential harm.

Why opt for nitrogen generator

As discussed above, preservation of food packaging requires use of nitrogen gas. It makes sense to purchase nitrogen generator as it will enable you to produce on-site nitrogen whenever you require. There will be no worries about deliveries and storage of nitrogen cylinders. Plus, you will never face shortage of nitrogen.