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Our company is renowned for its engineering expertise in fabricating medical oxygen plants, which are used for generating oxygen for use in hospitals. It is obvious that oxygen is all around us then why do we need oxygen plants for hospitals for generating oxygen. First of all, it is imperative for you to understand that oxygen is an essential element for sustaining life on the planet earth. We require oxygen for burning food to release energy and heat for accomplishing daily tasks of life. Medical oxygen plants are installed in hospitals though elaborate piping system so that patients needing oxygen get easily gets it. In emergency cases, the patients cannot breathe oxygen on their own so they have to be administered. There is no denying the fact oxygen is an essential element in hospitals.

Salient features of medical oxygen plant

• Advanced cryogenic technology
• Use of solid designing
• Low operating cost
• High purity oxygen
• Durable
• Fully automated

No so long ago, the hospitals used to meet their oxygen requirements through the cylinders. Now, hospitals prefer to use medical oxygen plants for meeting their requirements. We are one of the few medical oxygen plant manufacturers specializing in fabricating oxygen plants for hospital with capacity to generate high purity oxygen, which meet the medical grade specifications. Moreover, we are also equipped with the resources to offer the best medical oxygen plant set up cost in India. We have got a talented team of engineers that oversea medical oxygen plant installation and commissioning at client’s site. Once the client sends their medical oxygen plant technical specifications we start fabricating the plant exactly customized to the specifications laid down by the customers. No doubt, we use the best quality materials in the making hospital oxygen plants.