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Oxygen is an essential and life-saving element for the medical industry. Hospitals and other medical institutions generate medical oxygen from medical oxygen generating plant. Oxygen is vital for sustain life on the planet earth and for oxidation of food to release energy and heat for carrying out day to day tasks of life.  It accounts for 21% of the atmosphere and is used extensively in the hospitals for treating emergency and other traumatic patients. Our oxygen plants for hospitals are manufactured as per internationally approved standards and produces oxygen that meets specifications prescribed for medical use.

Application of oxygen for medical purposes

Oxygen is used for wide range of applications in hospitals. Medical oxygen generating plant is used for providing oxygen for various medical uses. Oxygen is used in all modern anaesthetic techniques. On the other hand, it is also used for restoring tissue oxygen tension by improving oxygen availability in a wide range of conditions such as COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma, cardiac/respiratory arrest. Oxygen is also needed for aiding resuscitation and cardiovascular stability besides providing life support for artificially ventilated patients.  It is used for providing quality air supply to patients who will struggle without the administration of medical air. Neonates and patients suffering adult respiratory depression syndrome require it for their survival.

 How hospitals get their medical oxygen?

Hospitals meet their oxygen requirements either by subscribing oxygen cylinders from a retailer or by installing their own medical oxygen generating plant generating their own oxygen. Now, hospitals prefer generating their own oxygen rather than depend on outside supply.  Oxygen  is sent through the hospital piping system sent to intensive care units and operation theatres and is used in anesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide for minimizing the high concentration of oxygen exposure. Having an on-site oxygen plant for hospital is the best way to meet your oxygen requirements.

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