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We are leaders in manufacturing and fabricating hospital oxygen generator plant machinery using the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Oxygen is very important for hospitals for various applications including like resuscitation, inhalation, COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma, cardiac/respiratory arrest. The non-metallic gas is extensively used in aiding resuscitation & cardiovascular stability and providing life support for artificially ventilated patients.  It is  imperative for hospitals to always have backup oxygen because of its life-saving properties. Hospitals face supply chain problems on subscribing oxygen cylinders. With oxygen plant installation, the supply problems will be thing of the past.

Our hospital oxygen generator plant machinery is especially fabricated so that it could function smoothly with medical piping system. Moreover, oxygen produced in the oxygen system is able to generate oxygen with high purity. The plants also meet the standards required by USA, European and Indian Pharmacopeia.  Materials & components used in the manufacturing oxygen plants meet the specifications of ASME and other internationally acclaimed standards. There are many advantage of installing oxygen systems as the hospitals will never run out of oxygen supply.  Hospitals will be able to produce as much oxygen as possible they deem desirable.

Quality, designing and prices are given a great deal of importance. We ensure hospital oxygen generator plant machinery is fabricated with world-class designing. We have got a talented team of engineers and technicians who have got years of experience in designing and fabricating industrial oxygen systems that last for decades. Automation now plays a big part in our manufacturing methodology. Because of being fully automated even a single semi-skilled operator can run it. Quality is of international standards and we keep the prices competitive so that more & more customers buy the machinery. We have received CE certification because of our compliance with global standards and regulations.