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Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Cryogenic air separation plant is used in wide range of industries for generating oxygen and nitrogen for medical and industrial applications. We are acclaimed as the leading cryogenic air separation plant manufacturers for building high quality machinery at prices that are competitive.  Technology used in our nitrogen and oxygen machines is imported from the best manufacturers in the market. No denying our plant machinery is considered at par with the best in the world.  Oxygen and nitrogen generated in the plant machinery has purity up to 99.7% and 99.9%, which is excellent for medical and industrial applications.  The industrial gases used include medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum & oil, fishing, waste water treatment, food packaging, cryo-preservation, metallurgy, welding, cutting and grazing.

Our cryogenic air separation plants are based on the process cycle of Linda & Claude, which was made in 1930s. It is the most widely used technology in the industry for fabricating oxygen and nitrogen machinery.  Apart from technology, we also ensure that acetylene plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants have solid designs. Efficiency of the machinery, no doubt, depends on the quality of the designing.  Better designed machines deliver seamless performance and also consume less power. Our engineers are well-equipped to make great designs. Customers prefer to purchase the machinery from because we offer world-class machinery at affordable rates. Our oxygen plant set up cost is the most competitive in the market.

We are known for offering the most competitive prices in the market. We ensure that only quality equipment is used in the fabricating of the cryogenic air separation plants.  Manufacturing of oxygen gas generation plant is done as per the international processes and practices. Employing internationally approved manufacturing processes contributes to making of high quality oxygen plant machinery. Our R & D staff is always in tune with the requirements of customers. The R & D staff is always updated with the market trends and is able to update the machinery as per the requirements of the customers.

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