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Hospital oxygen generator plant machinery

We are leaders in manufacturing and fabricating hospital oxygen generator plant machinery using the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Oxygen is very important for hospitals for various applications including like resuscitation, inhalation, COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma, cardiac/respiratory arrest. The non-metallic gas is extensively used in aiding resuscitation & cardiovascular stability […]

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Nitrogen generating plant cost and how it works

Nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the atmosphere of our planet and across the planet.  It is said that nitrogen constitutes 78% of earth’s atmosphere by volume and it is also found inside earth in a great measure. Nitrogen is commercially produced for application in industrial and medical applications.  Naturally occurring air […]

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How is oxygen made for hospitals?

Oxygen was known to support respiration as early as 1800 and came to be used for medical purposes by around 1810. Its medical usefulness was known only after it was discovered that it is essential for maintaining life on the planet. Oxygen makes up around 21% of earth’s atmosphere whereas oxygen needed in medical applications […]

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Acetylene production plant cost in India

Acetylene is generated by a chemical reaction between the calcium and water. The by-product calcium hydroxide is generated automatically from the generator. Acetylene gas is used in cutting and welding torch along with oxygen and it produces the highest temperature of any known oxygen gas mixture. The process is so synchronized as to ensure efficiency […]

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Medical oxygen plant, How hospitals get their medical oxygen?

Oxygen is an essential and life-saving element for the medical industry. Hospitals and other medical institutions generate medical oxygen from medical oxygen generating plant. Oxygen is vital for sustain life on the planet earth and for oxidation of food to release energy and heat for carrying out day to day tasks of life.  It accounts […]

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Purchase Oxygen Plant with CE Certification

We are trusted for making oxygen gas plants using the advanced technology. The plant machinery is manufactured with best quality materials sourced from the best suppliers in the market. The machinery is used for generating oxygen for various industrial applications. Since the oxygen plants are very expensive to buy, it is important that the customers […]

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