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Welcome To Delhi Cryogenic Products Pvt. Ltd.

DCPL is the trusted leader in the industry for using superior technology and immaculate designing in the fabricating oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene gas plants. Our plant machinery is the most competitively priced in the market.

We have set the standards for the industrial gas plant manufacturing industry in the Indian market. Our plant machinery is comparable to the best in the world for its reliability, performance and prices. Customization of oxygen and nitrogen plants as per the requirements of customers is our key feature.

Our oxygen and nitrogen machinery is fabricated on the basis of Linde & Claude, which was developed in 1930s. We place heavy premium on the quality of our oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene plants. For compliance with strict quality control measures, we have been awarded ISO 9008:2015 and CE certifications.

About our company

Manufacture and export high quality medical & industrial oxygen plants.

What we do

DCPL is an esteemed industrial gas plant manufacturer in India. We are leaders in fabricating, manufacturing and supplying oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene plants. Our entire focus is on manufacturing and delivering high quality plant machinery to our customers at unbeatable prices. Our manufacturing is done in compliance with good international practices and regulations.

While fabricating and manufacturing industrial gas plant machinery, we ensure that fabricating of the plant machinery is completed with premium quality materials and state of the art technology. We are committed to offer our clients the world-class plant machinery at affordable rates.

How we do

DCPL is the foremost engineering company engaged in the fabricating, manufacturing and supplying of oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene plants. We have world-class expertise in designing and manufacturing plant machinery that is reliable, durable and high performing. Our engineers are proficient in the use of the latest cryogenic techniques and the creating cutting-edge designs.

While our engineers and technicians are experts in the latest technologies, we also procure the best materials for use in the fabricating of the acetylene, nitrogen and oxygen plants. With our expertise and high quality materials, our engineers fabricate world-class machines.

Our mission

Since our establishment in 1987, we have been fabricating and manufacturing top class oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene plants. During last three decades it has always been our endeavor to come up with plant machinery that meets the requirements of our customers while being cost effective. Our plant machinery is trusted fore its reliability, quality, performance and durability.

Across the globe, we are trusted among our clients for manufacturing and supply oxygen plant machinery that meets global standards. Satisfaction of the customers is the corner-stone of our business. Being a customer-focused company, we offer the plant machinery at competitive rates without compromising on quality.


DCPL is a prominent oxygen plant manufacturer committed to delivering oxygen gas plants, nitrogen gas plants and acetylene gas plants. We are focused on delivering the machinery to our customers at best prices. The latest technology is used in the fabricating of our oxygen and nitrogen machines. Since customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business, we offer a very responsive customer service to help customers to sort out their problems and issues.

We offer our customers the plant machinery at unbeatable prices. It is always our endeavor to offer our customers full value of their money.


DCPL is focused on manufacturing and fabricating oxygen gas plants, nitrogen gas plants and acetylene gas plants. Our endeavor has always been to develop and supply cutting-edge gas plant machinery to our clients at competitive rates. Since our establishment in 1987, we have been recognized as an engineering company par excellence and we aim to scale new heights in the engineering sector.

Industrial gas plant machinery manufactured at our factory in New Delhi (India) meets the world-class standards. We will always strive to upgrade our technologies as per the emerging technologies. With strict complience of quality control measures, we have got ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification.


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